What is Bird Design Lab?

A new design agency model

We strongly believe that no-code will play a major role in business and opportunity creation in not too distant future. That is why we are proposing a new model for design agencies where they solve problems through design and make the solutions a reality, insantly.

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We are no-code enthusiasts,

curating the very best no-code tools, templates and examples;  

to provide targeted projects for your needs and help solve problems.

We are digital alchemists,

mixing and matching the no-code metals, acids and extracts;

to craft a custom elixir for your needs and help fix potions.

We are techie apothecaries,

picking out the most fresh no-code herbs, spices and essence;

to prescribe a personal medicine for your needs and help cure aches.

We are a no-code design lab currently redefining the agency work.  Since 2019.

What happens when freelancers join forces to create a new initiative to redefine agency work by utilizing the no-code movement? Bird Design Lab.

We are a multinational design lab located anywhere and everywhere! That's right, most of our team members are remote and work on the projects that require their expertise.

Our business model allows us to focus our resources on the right projects. Which makes the process smooth to our expert partners as much as to our clients.
Our MissionWe are determined to help small businesses, startups, makers & creators, communities and NGO’s adapt to the modern way of running business online, as much as we can, as fast as we can.Power of No-CodeNo-Code is a revolutionary movement, changing the way we create on the web. It is designed to give the power of creation back to the people and we are experimenting in the No-Code space with a unique approach to redefine how an agency operates.We call ourselves a “design lab” that mixes & matches tools to generate custom business solutions for our clients.

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Focus on innovations, quality, and community.

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Our story

Nov 2018
We create a very clean and simple UI which is easily suitable for any project. In addition, it's fresh and corresponds to nowadays trends.
Nov 2018
Enigma Software template will look perfect on any device. We create a mobile-friendly interface to match all users.
Dec 2018
This template uses such features as Global swatches and Symbols. It gives you the ability to customize the template for your need easily.