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What is Bird Design Lab's difference from regular agencies?
We are redefining what an agency does! Usually with regular agencies you get a specific service like product design or dashboard integration or even more niche jobs. We are combining all that and remove them from the equation and put you in the center. Our work is never about the tools we use, its about solving your problem. Whatever that may be.
Who do you usually provide services for?
We welcome anyone and everyone who is trying to build awesome things. Some of our clients include but not limited to small businesses, startups, communities, makers, creators, individuals and NGO's to help them get started.
Where is the limit? What can't you do?
Think of our job as a snowplow clearing the way so you can focus on driving your business. That means removing barriers that doesn't let you see the road ahead and helping you make smart decisions in the beginning of your journey. Once we clear the way, our job is done. Then it's up to you to keep growing. We can always assist with what you can do next to grow your business and give guidance accordingly but scaling is what we cannot do at this moment.
What is the design process you follow when building solutions?
We are big believers in the Design Thinking process that puts your users at the center of your business. No-code allows us to create and launch solutions by simply designing them using several interfaces so when we go through the design thinking process, we automatically complete the build. Here are the 5 steps of the adapted version of design thinking process we use:
1. Define the problem areas and user groups
2. Decide on path forward with the client
3. Design multiple solutions that solve the problems
4. Develop all viable and relevant solutions
5. Done after 2 rounds of testing and acceptance
How capable are you with the no-code tools?
Our no-code toolkit show the tools that we either have expertise on or at least familiar enough to build solutions quickly. Starred tools are the ones that we use most and with confidence. If there is a specific tool that you would like to work with, ask us about it and we will try to match you with an expert.
What if I want to change something in the middle of the process?
That is absolutely fine. Sometimes, when we are building a solution, something new comes along that makes the job easier and cost effective. When that happens we consult with you, our client and give you a situational analysis to make a decision. In other words, we always consult with you and agree on the change if it's possible.
How will you do the maintenance after work is done?
You can request 6-months or yearly maintenance from us, depending on the tools we use. If we think that you definitely need maintenance on a solution (usually websites and web services), we include that on our proposal as a flat rate. If you need more frequent maintenance, please let us know and we will figure out a maintenance plan.
When & how do I pay for the services?
After our first call we will send you a revised version of the proposal. When you agree to the proposal, you will get a link to make the first payment (50%). Once we receive the money, we will start working on the solutions and when we are done, you will evaluate the services. If everything is acceptable you will receive another link and pay the other half that will release the deliverables to your control.
What if I need a service that is not listed?
We are happy to help you with any kind of business need that we can solve with no-code tools. If for any reason the service you are looking for is not on the list, let us know in the get started form or setup a free consultation session.
Who are the people building my solutions?
We have no-code parters on our team, each specialized in their field and experts in the tools they utilize. We are expanding as we speak, bringing in more experts who are diverse in their knowledge and can also contribute to strategy.
Are the solutions you provide secure and safe?
Yes. Each tool we use have some type of security embedded in their system. We simply rely on their capabilities. Big players in the no-code market are very good at providing secure and reliable products. So far, we have not heard any complaints from our clients about security but it's worth knowing that it's always a risk, no matter which platform you are using.

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